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Life Transitions

I’m excited to share this guest blog post on life transitions from my colleague and friend, Dr. David Hovey. I’ve known Dave for many years and have always been impressed with his ability to get to the heart of things. In this post, he talks about the inevitability of change, and ways to manage the […]

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Signs of Codependence

Healthy Codependence vs Unhealthy Codependence Human beings are social creatures and we have an inborn desire to form interpersonal attachments with others. All relationships have an aspect of healthy codependence, or interdependence, which is necessary for a relationship to thrive. Sometimes, when one person is unable to find satisfaction outside the relationship or within themselves […]

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5 Signs You Are in a Narcissistic Relationship Dr. Dori Gatter

5 Signs You Are in a Narcissistic Relationship

  Narcissistic Relationship Being in a narcissistic relationship can be frustrating, exhausting, emotionally draining and seriously impact your mental health. Narcissistic relationships tend to begin in a whirlwind of social, emotional and seductive intensity that can leave you feeling breathless and a little off-balance. That feeling of being off-balance and a little out of sorts […]

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To Forgive Dr. Dori Gatter & Assoc. West Hartford, CT

To Forgive

All of us have been hurt, in one way or another, by someone else. While it is easy to forgive a friend for the slight distress we feel over a phone call that was not returned, it is not so easy to forgive those who have harmed us in a major way. The greatest hurt seems […]

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