Self-Esteem Is an Integral Feature of Emotional Health

How others treat us is greatly influenced by the way we see ourselves. We all know people who genuinely like them- selves and Enhancing Self-Esteem Dr. Dori Gatter West Hartford CTfeel content with their lives. Because they see the positive in themselves, they are able to understand and appreci- ate the good in other people. They treat others with a sense of respect – a skill they know well because this is how they treat themselves. When our feelings about ourselves are positive, we show others that we like and value ourselves – and then others tend to treat us well. But when we have negative feelings about ourselves, so that we are too critical, complaining and pessimis- tic, others tend to take this attitude toward us as well. How we treat ourselves helps determine how others will treat us.
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9/2009 – Enhancing Your Self-Esteem