Couples RetreatCouples retreats, also known as couples intensives or couples weekend workshops, are a unique getaway for couples combining vacation and couples counseling. These retreats are a great opportunity to dive deep into your relationship, without all of your day-to-day distractions and stressors, allowing you to move to more intimate and vulnerable levels of connection.

Couples retreats are for every relationship, at every stage. You don’t have to be legally married or live together to get the benefits of a couples retreat. The only thing you need to bring is your desire for something different. We see couples on the brink of divorce, couples deciding whether or not to get married, couples who live together or are dating and couples married for years wanting more from their relationship.

In addition to our regular couples counseling work, my husband and I have gone to couples retreats to strengthen our marriage and continue to go once or twice a year. We have found this combination of regular counseling and retreat helps us work through stuck places, manage the power struggles in our relationship and rekindle our connection. We always come back feeling inspired, refreshed and more connected to each other and ourselves.

What to Expect

Couples retreats usually last two or three days, and you can find them in different size groups. They normally take place in private, cozy and beautiful settings, enabling you to receive the personalized attention, while focusing on your relationship. Retreats normally include lectures, role play, meditation and workbooks. These workbooks can often be very powerful tools, prompting you to think deeply into your own past and better recognize your relationship patterns. Working with the retreat leader, you will engage in these kinds of exercises and complete homework, all within a romantic getaway setting.

During the course of a couples retreat you will learn more about yourself and your partner, how you came to have the beliefs, patterns, habits and ways of communicating in your relationship that create challenges, so you can make changes and learn new skills to help you to resolve conflict easily, boosting intimacy and connection.

Is a Couple’s Retreat a Good Option for You?

Some reasons couples seek a retreat include sex and intimacy issues, recovery from an affair, empty nest challenges, midlife crises, communication problems, conflict, power struggles and divorce. You will learn more skills than you can imagine and heal old wounds that have been plaguing your relationship. Couples retreats can help you deepen your emotional bond and spark your connection and sexual desire, revive your connection, learn how your partner receives love, growing personally and as a couple. They go beyond what you can learn reading books or trying to fix things yourself. It’s basically like doing 6 months of couples counseling in a weekend!

No matter how close you and your partner are, or the level of emotional intelligence you each bring to the relationship, sometimes you need assistance from a professional to help you navigate your challenges. Escaping from your everyday stressors, and spending quality time in peaceful surroundings, gives you, your partner and your relationship the focus and caring you deserve. This unique experience can bring you closer together and remind you of what attracted you to each other in the beginning.

For more information about how my couples retreat might help you and your partner, feel free to contact me at (860) 258-4113. I look forward to hearing from you.