You know the feeling when you have felt defeated and you believe that there is no hope or meaning or future? When you have Lying Broken Open in a Heap on the Floorbeen getting up off the mat and fighting the good fight and at some point you don’t have another round in you to get up? This is when giving up and surrendering is exactly the thing to do. It feels counterintuitive right? We are taught to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and trudge on, to never give up. Surrendering is one of the hardest things to do and it is one of the most transformative things you can do.
Surrendering our defensive structures and unforming ourselves needs to happen in order for a new, better, more whole structure to form. We need to have our old building that has served us so well come down so that we can build the new one that is built on solid ground.
Letting go of old structure let’s us release toxic energies and habits and routines. While we lie on the floor in pieces we get to examine each piece of ourselves. We are in confusion and confusion needs to happen to unravel old beliefs and stories we tell ourselves about who we are.
Remember that you are never broken my friend, but being broken open is a healing process.