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5 Tips for Beating the winter Blues

5 Tips for Beating the Winter Blues

This time of year in the Northeast we hear a lot about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or the ‘winter blues’. Many people find the fall and winter months difficult because they feel they have less energy and are more prone to a depressed mood. While no real trigger for SAD can be defined, the general […]

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If Depression is Keeping You Down Let Us Help You Up

If Depression is Keeping You Down, Let Us Help You Up

Oftentimes, clients come to my practice after trying medication or other types of therapy. They state that their previous treatment, which may have been helpful at first, is no longer working. The main reason for this failure is because the prior intervention did not reach the root cause of their depression, and they may not even be aware of […]

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Understanding and Resolving Depression Dr. Dori Gatter & Associates

Understanding and Resolving Depression

The simplest, basic definition of depression is that it’s a pressure in our body that is holding against feelings. When this holding, pressing down feeling weighs heavy in our body, it forms the emotional mood we call depression. Low moods depress our thoughts, behavior, and sense of well being; which stems from holding emotion in the body. All […]

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To Forgive Dr. Dori Gatter & Assoc. West Hartford, CT

To Forgive

All of us have been hurt, in one way or another, by someone else. While it is easy to forgive a friend for the slight distress we feel over a phone call that was not returned, it is not so easy to forgive those who have harmed us in a major way. The greatest hurt seems […]

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Enhancing Self-Esteem Dr. Dori Gatter West Hartford CT

Enhancing Your Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem Is an Integral Feature of Emotional Health How others treat us is greatly influenced by the way we see ourselves. We all know people who genuinely like them- selves and feel content with their lives. Because they see the positive in themselves, they are able to understand and appreci- ate the good in other […]

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