Why we are uniquely qualified to help you: We have the training and skills to approach relationship issues from a deeper understanding, because of our psychotherapy background, which is sets us apart from other business consultants.

Keep Your Business Thriving Relationship problems between business partners are a big reason why companies don’t succeed. Partners often bring unique strengths to the business. Trouble can start when these differences go from feeling complementary to feeling like liabilities. The way you and your business partners interact creates the culture of your business. Your struggles, conflicts, cooperation and compromises don’t just affect the partners, but also affect your staff—from your admin to your sales force—as well as your relationships with clients. Tension at ‘home’ means tension in the field, and that can impact your bottom line.

If you need help managing and negotiating difficult conversations, communicating as an effective leader or managing and leading your team, we can help you. As psychotherapists with almost a half-century of combined experience, our expertise allows us to quickly hone is on the root issues of your challenges and conflicts, which allows for implementation of solutions and quick transformation.

The reality is you likely spend more time awake and engaged with your business partner than you do with your partner or spouse. The constancy and intensity of that relationship can present issues, conflicts and obstacles every bit as complicated as those found in a romantic relationship. It might seem unorthodox at first, but ‘couples counseling’ for business partners and founders is exactly what you and your partner need to bring your business to the next level. We help partners work on the trust and communication necessary to function well together and to ensure your company is reaching its potential.

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