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Temple of Success

Helping You Build and Grow Your Private or Group Practice

When you were in graduate school, you were taught how to be an expert clinician. What you weren’t taught was how to be an expert businessperson. If no one taught you how to run a business, how in the world are you supposed to align that business with your true calling and purpose? Just being good at what you do as a clinician isn’t enough to grow the business side of your private practice. As a mental health professional in private practice—whether you’re a counselor, therapist or social worker—you need to totally get what it takes to build and sustain a successful, thriving business and how to put it into practice! I want to help you avoid re-inventing the wheel, show you the ropes, give you the right tools, and maybe even throw in a little bit of that elusive fairy dust that can make it all happen for you!

Temple of Success Practice-Building brings all of this to you, and more. Working with me, you will learn the all-important business skill set you didn’t get in graduate school. You will gain knowledge and understanding, as well as support around things that might sound overwhelming and vague at first—like branding, marketing, creating a professional presence and being recognized as an expert voice in your niche.

In addition, you will learn about the nuts and bolts of running the business side of your practice, from establishing a business entity and organizing your bookkeeping and taxes, to strategies for client conversion and retention, as well as the more subtle aspects of practice-building, like online marketing, personal branding, creating a professional presence and establishing sources of passive income.

Whether you’ve been struggling with moving to private practice from agency work, or wondering how you can be more successful in your current practice, Temple of Success Practice-Building offers you intelligent solutions, ongoing support and connection,  proven strategies and effective guidance for business success. Business expertise and knowledge of the market coupled with my years of experience in the field will support you, not only as an entrepreneur, but as a professional recognized as an expert voice who can consistently attract your ideal client!

In Temple of Success Practice-Building you will learn:

  • How to get clients to find you (important right?)
  • How to become an expert in your field, gaining support to align with your gifts
  • Reach your financial potential
  • Identify and move through your blocks to success
  • Build your practice from authenticity and creativity
  • Writing effective marketing copy and online content
  • Identifying your Niche
  • Establishing ‘Your Unique Brand’
  • Developing products to leverage passive income
  • Charging what you’re worth!
  • Factors key to effective website development
  • How to use your website as a marketing tool to get your message out into the world
  • How to use online and inbound marketing to establish your professional presence
  • Blogging as a marketing tool
  • Content creation to establish social proof
  • SEO
  • Google AdWords
  • Navigating social media
  • Creating lectures, workshops, tele-classes and webinars
  • …and much, much more!

We offer private coaching, workshops and trainings

*As part of Temple of Success Practice-Building, you will have access to a closed Facebook group with others in the workshop for up-to-the-minute new information in our world of marketing a private practice, and ongoing support needed in order for you to build your personal Temple of Success!

 Email Dr. Gatter for more info dori@drdorigatter.com 

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