Couples Counseling Training, Dr. Dori Gatter, West Hartford CT

Couples Counseling Training for Therapists

Come hang with me at this training and I guarantee you will feel more confident and relaxed working with couples!

If you already work with couples or maybe you want to, but feel anxious (or frightened!) when you think about the challenges of working with couples than this workshop is for you! I’ve developed this fun, info packed and insightful workshop to provide you with a deep understanding of the couples dynamic in addition to the tools and skills for how to best navigate and positively impact intimate relationships.
This hands-on workshop will give you proven techniques, which you can immediately use in your couples counseling sessions.   This is a fun, confidence building program, which will enable and empower you to work consistently, enjoyably and successfully with couples in conflict.

Facilitator: Dr. Dori Gatter

When: Saturday, April 1st, 2017

Time:  9:30-4:30

Where: 17 S Highland Ave, West Hartford CT

Cost: $297

Bring a lunch and I will provide water and snacks.

What You Will Learn in this Workshop

  • How to get out of being the traffic cop with your couples.

  • How to teach your couple the deeper meaning behind the same three arguments that keep coming up, what that meaning is and how to get to and work with the core issues.

  • How to de-escalate triggers with your couples, and help them to clearly state their feelings and needs. (Whew)

    • This will include learning how to work with couples to retrain their brain from the inevitable fight or flight response.

  • How to repair trust and create safety in the couple.

  • How to work with the couples’ transference issues (and yours!).

  • How to teach your couples proven communication styles, such as being self referred, stating clear feelings and needs, rather than blaming and shaming.

  • How to identify, teach, help heal and work through deep childhood wounds that show up repeatedly (Oh Yeah) within a couple.

  • How to educate your couples, so they feel they have a deep understanding and some control of their process, tools and skills to successfully work on their issues.

Limited Number of Seats are Available

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Why Choose to Work with Me


What Are Other Professionals Saying?

Dori is a profoundly skilled and gifted couple’s therapist. She brings her heart and wisdom into her work as she navigates the complex challenges that couples face in their relationships. Her capacity to zero in on the dynamics that are creating the difficulty and pain within relationships and create pathways of healing is extraordinary!”
Dan Leven, HFI trainer and Somatic Therapist 
An effective couples therapist is one who is compassionate, understanding, skillful and understands the interpersonal dynamics between the couple, within the individual and in the therapeutic relationship. Dori Gatter embraces these qualities and is a master at assessing and working with these dynamics. As a result, Dori has great success with helping couples achieve their relationship goals in therapy. I highly recommend Dori Gatter for couples therapy.” 
Barbara Bennett, LMFT
Dori is an enthusiastic and passionate couples therapy teacher.  Her clear teaching style enabled me to have greater confidence in my own work as a couples therapist. Dori teaches from examples from her more than 25 years of experience.  She has a fun sense of humor and her workshops are packed with information and tools.  It is truly enjoyable learning from Dori.”
I have had the privilege of running workshops with Dori over the years, and I cannot speak highly enough about her ability to engage and teach in an expert and entertaining way. Dori is truly passionate about teaching about couples counseling and sharing all the knowledge she has collected over the years.
Dr. David Hovey, PsyD

Limited Number of Seats are Available

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