A Private Couples Retreat to Nurture, Heal and Rejuvenate Your Relationship

Every relationship has its challenges, but you may be finding that your once-a-week couples’ counseling doesn’t offer everything you need. A private couples retreat can be the answer you’re looking for, providing you with a path to re-energize, rejuvenate and revitalize your connection with your partner. It’s an opportunity to mindfully focus on your partnership, in a nurturing and serene setting.

When you have the opportunity to remove yourself from the hectic pace of everyday life and deliver yourself into the caring hands, not only of each other, but a professional who has your best interests at heart, you have set yourself on a path to growth like no other. This is your time—your time to grow, to thrive and to renew your connection.

One of the benefits of a couples’ retreat will be your experience of an effective therapeutic approach that will help you create and rebuild a strong, lasting, loving connection in days, rather than months. This experience will provide you with immediate benefits and will also support your weekly counseling sessions and enhance your overall growth as a couple.

We welcome and encourage couples of all genders, as well as relationship dynamics and sexual orientations.

Is This for Us?

Are you a couple:

  • In crisis, unable to find a path out and back to each other?
  • Struggling and wanting focused time for each other, without the distractions of daily life?
  • Where one or both of you have a ‘big job’ that takes time away from your relationship?
  • Have privacy concerns because of high-profile careers?
  • Are in a long-distance relationship or travel frequently?
  • Prefer the idea of an intensive healing experience for you, your partner and your relationship?

Specialty Intensives

  • Relationship Counseling Retreat
  • Discernment Counseling Retreat

What Will Happen in Your Private Relationship Counseling Retreat

Below please find the details of your private relationship counseling retreat, which focuses on re-energizing. Rejuvenating and revitalizing your connection with your partner.

Day 1
The first day together, we’ll take some time to dive into your history, and the reason for you choosing to do an intensive now. You’ll meet with the therapist together and one-on-one. We’ll identify your challenges and strengths and goals, and begin with helping you two get onto the same team to address any current or longstanding issues. Our emphasis is on getting to root of issues so we can help you create positive and long lasting changes.

Day 2
With a direct focus on your goals and unique situation, your therapist will work with you by tailoring the therapy and modalities to fit your particular dynamic and needs. We are here to help support you in getting where you want to go, and addressing the core dynamics that need attention.

We’ll be bringing our expertise in how to help you rediscover and recreate secure connection, asking you to bring your courage and an open mind. Old hurts will be addressed and put into context, and we’ll help you to start talking to each other in a new way that leads to greater understanding of yourself and other that leads to deeper connection. What this means in practical terms is that we’ll be asking you to both take some risks, open to some vulnerably. If you’re someone who’s not in touch with their emotions, we’ll help you find language for your experience. We believe that each person’s actions and feelings have a logic to them, sometimes hidden and occasionally out-of-date, but that people can always reconnect.

Day 3
The final day of your private couples counseling retreat will continue the work of the previous days, and also include homework to help you continue with your new insights. Follow-up resources will be suggested, and we’ll schedule a time to connect by phone or videoconference for a post-retreat check-in. We’re committed to helping your retreat be of lasting value to your relationship.

What Happens Between Our Sessions?

The afternoons and evenings are intentionally open for you to relax and enjoy the area. and to absorb, integrate and reflect on the powerful work you’re doing together. We can help you schedule a couple’s massage, find a good hiking trail or get ideas about where to have a nice meal. Some people like to go out and explore and others like cozy up with a book or a journal or take a nap. You may each have different needs during our downtime and we can talk about how both of you can get your needs met. Being mindful of self-care during our breaks is key.

Who Would We Work With?

Private Couples Intensives are offered through our couples specialist, Deborah Krevalin, LPC, LMHC, who has twenty-five years experience supporting couples and individuals in reconnecting with the best in themselves. She delights in helping to create a safe and welcoming space where both people can feel understood and where both people can get back onto the same team to strengthen their relationship.

Contact Us to Set Up a Consultation


    The fee for a private couples therapy intensive at our location varies, depending on length and the therapist providing the retreat, as well as how many weekend days are included. Fees include the therapy, and do not include accommodations, meals or travel. If you wish to have a private couples therapy retreat at a resort or retreat center of your choosing, or another offsite location, please contact us for pricing and requirements.

    What People Are Saying

    Throughout our retreat, I received a great deal of understanding of myself personally and how I am within my relationship. I was able to let go of some internal anger & resentment and was also given healthy tools to communicate better with my spouse.

    The retreat experience allows the relationship to get much deeper in understanding, being in a safe environment without interruptions. Getting away from our day-to-day lives, helped us to focus solely on the task at hand, the relationship.

    I felt safe in the space and I felt that Dori took time to really listen and respond in a very intelligent, empathetic, and compassionate way. Dori made connections for me and offered tools to circumvent my internal struggles that I hadn’t yet made.

    I thought it was great!


    I knew within the first few minutes of our first couple’s retreat that we had made the right decision to see Dori. She was warm and welcoming, and her consistent calming presence created the perfect environment for us both to feel safe where we could let down our guard and be totally open, honest and our true authentic self.

    The benefits from leaving our home environment and spending extended periods of time together were undeniable. In regular hour-long therapy sessions we would barely scratch the surface and in some cases we would have the time to “open Pandora’s box” but then no time to work through the issue(s) and come to a resolution or mutual understanding. Which often set up us up to fail as we walked out the door. However, with Dori, we were able to go into much more detail and really get to the bottom of the root causes, and learn more about each other and ourselves. Ultimately leaving with more understanding and compassion, for each other and us.

    We learned how to communicate safely, which in turn opened the door to discussing issues at a deeper more meaningful level than before.

    I would definitely recommend other couples to go on a retreat with Dori. She has the perfect balance when it comes to empathy and accountability. Dori’s approach meant that conversations never got out of control, if conversations ever started to escalate she would immediately shut it down and provide us with the guidance and tools to communicate more responsibly and effectively .Dr Dori hit the mark, it was great!