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My experience as a Couples and Relationship Therapist has become some of the most rewarding work of my career. Helping couples reclaim friendship and intimacy while healing old wounds and repairing trust is extremely gratifying. Relationships aren’t easy. We bring emotional baggage from our pasts that continue to impact us as adults, individually and in our relationships. When couples first get together, the relationship is easy, fresh and romantic. Dining out at trendy restaurants, movie dates and great sex. You fall in love and live happily ever after, right? If only it were that easy. Over time, life’s stressors set in; managing finances, juggling careers and taking care of the kids. The truth is relationships can become difficult and frustrating.

So how do you get the magic back? With positivity and optimism, I teach couples how to communicate productively, enabling them to have fearless conversations about sex, money, desires, alcohol, infidelities, personal struggles…the whole shebang. To discuss the hard topics, couples need to feel safe, secure and respected in the relationship. My therapy sessions are supportive, motivational and confidential. Neither partner is the “bad guy” and blame and fault are never the focus.

I specialize in helping couples strengthen their relationships and deepen their connections. Long after the “honeymoon phase”, couples should still experience the pleasure of a supportive, loving and passionate relationship. Successful couples understand that love is a daily effort, and they choose to work at it. These couples are friends as well as lovers. Even the best relationships can be hard sometimes and while challenging; happy, healthy relationships are absolutely attainable.

My therapeutic style is eclectic, interactive, results-oriented and most importantly, hopeful. I have Certified Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and expertise in conflict resolution. I will teach you how to build and sustain a happy, healthy relationship that will have greater meaning, deeper passion and staying-power. Relationships are challenging and there are hard times, but the beautiful moments are priceless and always outshine them.

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