Has Every Day Become A Struggle?

Depression TreatmentDo you often feel like you’re drowning in a sea of negative thoughts, self-criticism and doubt? Have you felt stuck, emotionally or physically uncomfortable and struggled to access positive feelings? Perhaps you no longer have interest in activities that once brought you joy. Or, maybe you’re isolating yourself from friends and family or feeling alone even when you’re around others. Are you feeling hopeless, as if there is no light at the end of a dark and dismal tunnel? Do you wish you knew how to break free of the heavy fog that consumes you and find a way to feel alive, energized and connected to the world around you again?
Living with depression can be a heavy, exhausting and seemingly helpless experience. It’s often been said that depression is anger turned inward, which can make you feel irritable, worthless, highly self-critical and very alone. Your relationships may be in turmoil as it’s hard to connect with others, especially when loved ones may struggle to understand your experience. You may feel challenged to lift yourself out of bed each morning, questioning the point of doing anything at all. Productivity at work may be compromised, as it can be hard to concentrate and stay present. And, you may have turned to drugs, alcohol, food or another coping mechanism in order to numb out, feel something different or feel anything at all.
Depression Is Prevalent In Today’s World
If you’re struggling with depression, you are not alone. Almost everyone has experienced some level of depression at some point in their lives. It’s one of the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorders, affecting more than 19 million American adults each year. Some people are genetically predisposed to depression or learned depressive tendencies from a depressed parent, making them more susceptible to struggle with depression throughout their lives. Others develop depression following a loss, trauma, illness or significant life transition. Depression symptoms also manifest on a wide spectrum. On the one end, some people experience a sense of fogginess and dissatisfaction with life. On the other, depression symptoms become so severe that people struggle to get up in the morning, cannot complete daily tasks and even entertain suicidal or other self-harming thoughts and behaviors.
While countless Americans experience depression and some are able to push out of their fog without professional guidance, others need additional help. If you’ve been struggling with heavy thoughts, feelings and physical discomforts for some time, depression treatment may be critical to regaining and sustaining your wellbeing.
Depression Treatment Can Help You Heal
Depression is a destructive energy that can eradicate your sense of aliveness. It has entered into your life for a reason – to show you something. Therapy can help you discover what is keeping you stuck, identify what depression is trying to reveal to you and provide you with a path toward healing.
In depression treatment sessions, one of our trained and experienced therapists will provide you with a safe, nonjudgmental and compassionate space for you work through difficult thoughts and emotions. Healing doesn’t happen in isolation; it happens through connection, safety and support. For this reason, developing a trusting relationship with your therapist is key to your success. Together, you and your therapist can identify, explore and address the root causes and triggers that have been keeping you down. We all get stuck sometimes and often, by uncovering old wounds and traumas, we’re able to make sense of those experiences and let them go.
In sessions, you can also begin honoring your experience, learn new ways to cope with pain and stress, identify personal strengths and begin to accept and love yourself for all that you are. You can learn relaxation and meditation exercises and access the wisdom that resides within you. Through therapy, you can increase self-awareness, cultivate a stronger connection to yourself and those around you and feel more centered and grounded in your life.
With guidance, support and your own willingness to self-explore, you can find your way back to yourself and experience a sense of aliveness again. Through depression treatment, it’s possible to put the pieces of your life and self back together. You can find more joy in your daily experiences, reconnect with others, feel more energized and cultivate a greater sense of purpose, direction and meaning in your life.
You may recognize your need for additional support during this challenging time, but still have questions or concerns about depression treatment….
I’ve tried depression treatment in the past, and it didn’t work. How will it be different this time?
There are so many different ways to go about healing. Developing a trusting and secure relationship with you therapist is vital to progress, healing and growth. Your last therapist may not have been the right fit for you and/or key issues to your personal healing may have been overlooked. What’s important is that you keep trying. There is always hope for healing, and our therapists are committed to finding an approach that meets your specific needs, history and personality.
I should be able to work through these feelings on my own.
There are times when everyone needs extra support – no matter who they are or how accomplished they’ve been in life. We heal in relationships with others, and recognizing that you need a little help is a sign of strength. It takes courage to reach out, be vulnerable and share your experience. Often, sharing your experience with another is what is required to heal and move forward.
I’m afraid that talking about my experience will just make it feel more real and that I’ll feel worse.
Oftentimes, the fear that we hold about going into a new experience is far worse in our minds than it is in the actual experience. That said, it might be painful at first to talk about certain feelings and issues. However, doing so is part of the healing process. Sometimes we need to walk through the fire to get to the other side. The good news is that you will not be alone in the process. Your therapist will meet you where you are emotionally. Your experience will be honored, and you’ll be offered support, guidance and direction as you begin to clear through your pain and embark upon a new, more meaningful path forward.
You Don’t Have To Navigate Depression On Your Own
We invite you to call our office for a free 15-minute phone consultation. We’re happy to discuss your specific situation and to answer any questions you have about depression treatment and our approach and practice.