Human Relations Program Training

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Training since 1982

To enhance our humanity, balancing technology with the understanding of emotions is the future for business and for all of us.

The Human Relations Program (HRP) is an exciting opportunity to learn how we humans function. The program offers a unique and in-depth understanding of the emotional, mental and energy systems in the body, how those systems work for us and against us, and how to work with those systems both individually and in relationship to others.
Each of us is the sum total of our life experiences, our genetic inheritance and our social environment. Our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, feelings – all have been influenced by our histories and in turn influence our future. This program is designed to help each participant gain awareness of these influences and use them constructively for success and satisfaction in the life each person chooses to live.
Whether you are seeking growth within yourself, in your professional life, or in your relationships, this program can provide you with an unparalleled understanding of human dynamics.
If you are ready to take your life to the next level, we can show you the way.
The Benefits of HRP:
For Business People

  • Improve relationships with colleagues, employees and supervisors
  • Feel more satisfied in your work with less effort
  • Gain a sense of direction and motivation in your career
  • Discover and develop your true work, the work that has the deepest meaning and value for you

For Everyone

  • Learn how to create a more satisfying life
  • Develop greater intimacy and better boundaries
  • Develop personal power and express your individual authenticity
  • Build lasting friendships among others in the program
  • Understand the impact of your life experiences on your well-being and peace of mind

We teach you how your life experiences impact who you are, how you are, the friendships and relationships you have, the work you do, and your success in life. We provide the tools for you to learn to grow and develop on your own terms.
The Human Relations Training Program is offered through the Hartford Family Institute. More information about the program can be found here.