Leadership CEO Founder CoachingEffective leadership is about flexibility. Before we started using words like ‘nimble’ and ‘pivot’, the military strategist Sun Tzu, in his classic The Art of War, said, “Know your ground.” The short version of that advice is it’s important not only to know where you are, but where you’re going and how you’re getting there.

The challenge here is we are creatures of habit. We thrive on consistency and routine. That also means we tend to get stuck, and sometimes, even dig in. Business coaching can help you reframe your thinking, getting you out of that rut and see things in a new light.

The Essence of Leadership

Leadership is not just about telling people what to do and how to do it. It’s a complex skill set involving an integration of intellectual acumen and emotional intelligence, among other things. Dr. Dori Gatter and Associates levels up business coaching—and your personal business coaching experience—by partnering you with a proven professional who is not only a business coach, but also a seasoned mental health professional. She and her team assist you in leveraging this integration and exploring new options, while also supporting both personal and professional development.

Effective leadership is about building durable relationships through strong communication, creating a sense of stable culture and community. By firmly aligning your vision with your actions and creating a different, more cohesive, kind of consistency and routine for your employees and peers, you create an unshakable foundation for success. At Dr. Dori Gatter and Associates, our mission is to support you in realizing that success.

Empowerment and Productivity

People like to feel as though they belong to something, especially when it gives them a sense of both larger purpose and personal mission. By developing an understanding of your own drives, intentions, obstacles and challenges, you can literally clear a path for your employees to establish a greater sense of purpose and gratification. More importantly, this establishes a greater investment in the work they’re doing for you, which, in turn, supports your sense of financial wellness.

Financial wellness is at the heart of overall success. By cultivating a sense of purpose within your personal context as a Founder or CEO, and then cultivating that for your entire culture by association, you level up personally, professionally and as a business owner. The professionals at Dr. Dori Gatter and Associates can help you develop a roadmap for navigating both your personal landscape and the landscape of the corporate culture you are creating, whether you’re a startup or working in a Fortune 50 company.

The Bottom Line

The Peter Principle suggests we rise to the level of our own incompetence, and the folks who do that tend to just stop moving, at some point. Working with Dr. Dori Gatter and Associates, what you’re doing is setting yourself up as a life-long learner—someone who doesn’t stop moving, but, rather, reads the room, adapts and makes changes to support themselves, as a Founder, CEO and business owner. That kind of investment in both yourself and your company is going to feed you personally and professionally, as well as feed your financial wellness and bottom line, keeping you viable and vital in a precarious and unpredictable marketplace.

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