Peter Jones, EdD, MFTFeel free to contact me today at: 860-467-4411.


Enhancing the secure functioning of couples is my goal. Secure functioning partners serve their relationship knowing that their relationship serves them.

In a relationship that functions securely,

  • Partners attend to each other in effective ways.
  • Partners function smoothly as a team, expecting and handling rough spots quickly and expertly.
  • Couples share a vision and road map.
  • Couples’ resources are freed up for creativity and productivity.

I help couples develop new knowledge and know-how. The knowledge is both psychological and biological, including:

  • How states of threat inevitably build in interaction even with, or especially with, romantic partners.
  • What happens in the brain & body that takes partners from peace to war often at the speed of lightning.
  • The origins of automatic responses in childhood.

Experiential interventions help partners better read & respond to each other, expanding their interactional capacities to soothe, move, motivate and inspire each other. In the process, partners can heal from current and prior injuries and learn how to become better healers to each other.

I also work with family dyads (e.g., a parent and a young adult or adult child (17-up); or two siblings, etc.).


Prior to becoming a couples therapist, I taught applied linguistics to undergraduates and graduates, guiding research how face-to-face interaction sponsors or inhibits relationships that support change and development.


Since 2015 I’ve trained in the Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT) with Stan Tatkin and other faculty of the PACT Institute, as well as in body-centered psychotherapy at the Hartford Family Institute. I have extensive training in Gottman couple therapy (level 3), and have trained in pragmatic-experiential therapy for couples, experiential dynamic therapy (AEDP), emotionally-focused therapy for couples, and dialogic practice.

Connecticut Marital & Family Therapist License #2387


Ed.D. Applied Linguistics, with specialization in the study of interaction and learning. University of Bristol (UK).
M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy with specialization in couple therapy. Northcentral University.
M.A. Education, Teachers College, Columbia University.