Private Practice-Building Dr. Dori GatterFinally, straight-forward answers
to your private practice tax questions
from a qualified expert.

  • Getting financials organized with the help of some tools and technology
  • The ins and outs of 1099’s ( who you have to issue 1099’s to like an administrative assistant)  and the difference 1099″s and w2 employees
  • The write offs you could be missing ( like your own therapy!)  and what to look out for with the write offs you may be taking now
  • Bookkeeping best practices
  • Should I be an LLC, PLLC, Sole Proprietor, or C-corp and why?
  • …and much, much more…


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A fact-filled interview by Dr. Dori Gatter with Alan Friedman, CPA of Friedman, Kannenburg and Co., offering tips and guidance to therapists and counselors in private practice.