Samantha Murphy, LPC
CEO & Founders Coaching Specialist

Helping creatives & entrepreneurs overcome the obstacles on the journey of where they are and where they want to be.

Welcome! I’m Sam, a Transformational Life Coach dedicated to helping individuals like you to unlock your true potential and achieve personal transformation. With a passion for guiding others towards a purposeful and fulfilling life, I believe that every person has the power within them to create positive change and lead a life they truly love.

My Journey: My own journey of self-discovery and personal growth led me to the world of therapy and coaching. I’ve faced various challenges and hurdles throughout my life and having the support of mentors has been an essential key for me to overcome these challenges and shift from struggle into learning, growing and thriving. Now, I am committed to empowering others to embark on their own unique journeys of self-improvement and self- discovery to find the strength to overcome their obstacles and reach their goals.  

My Approach: As your coach, my approach is based on empathy, active listening, and non-judgment. I create a safe and supportive space where you can freely express your thoughts and feelings. Through a combination of goal-setting, self-reflection, and actionable steps, we’ll work together to identify the areas of your life that need nurturing and growth. Whether you’re striving for personal development, career advancement, or improved relationships, I’m here to guide and cheer you on every step of the way.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Personal Growth and Development
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem Building
  • Leadership Development
  • Career Transition and Goal Setting
  • Stress Management and Work-Life Balance
  • Improving Communication and Relationships
  • Mindfulness and Somatic Techniques

Credentials: I am a coach, licensed therapist, business owner and Clinical Director of a large private practice counseling group in Connecticut. I also am a professional Singer/Songwriter and have past experience as both an NCAA College Athlete and Coach and I love to bring these parts into my work and connect well with other Artists, Athletes, Creatives and Leaders. I continually engage in professional development to enhance my coaching skills and knowledge through several years at Hartford Family Institute, training with SomaSoul, Marie Forleo’s B-School and more. I am a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and have been published in Forbes, the Hartford Courant, Deep Soulful Love and various blogs. Additionally, I draw from my own life experiences, which uniquely equip me to understand the challenges and triumphs that you might be facing.

Let’s Connect: Are you ready to embark on an enriching journey of self-discovery and growth? Let’s take the first step together! I offer a complimentary consultation session where we can discuss your goals, explore how coaching can benefit you, and determine if we’re a good fit for a coaching partnership.

Remember, change is possible, and you have the power to shape your own destiny. Together, we’ll create a roadmap for success and work towards building a life that aligns with your authentic self.

Reach out to me at [Your Contact Information] to schedule your free consultation. Let’s begin this transformative journey together!


Gold Package

  • 1:1 coaching that consists of weekly 60-minute sessions for 6 months via Zoom
  • Voxer support in between visits (a voice messaging app)
  • A special welcome kit sent to you in the mail
  • Personalized Session Reflections with your takeaways, insights, resources and any tasks after each session
  • Cost is $6000

Silver Package 

  • 1:1 Coaching that consists of weekly 60-minute sessions for 3 months via Zoom
  • Voxer support in between visits (a voice messaging app)
  • Personalized Session Reflections with takeaways, insights, resources and any tasks after each session
  • Cost is $3000

Personalized Package

  • Contact me to discuss 

    Sam is a Coach and the Clinical Director of a large group private practice in Connecticut. She has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and experience as a Clinical Operations Manager, Clinician, Supervisor, Researcher and owns her own LLC. She takes a holistic mind-body-spirit approach with her clients and incorporates what she has learned through several years of training in Body-Centered Psychotherapy from the Hartford Family Institute, SomaSoul, Marie Forleo’s B-School and more.