Shadow Mastery Bootcamp

Learn to:

  • Eliminate beliefs that are subconsciously running your life

  • Stop being your own worst enemy

  • Learn the body/mind/psyche tool and modality making all other tools and modalities obsolete

  • Clear your shadow, don’t just manage it

  • Upgrade all parts of your life with this one tool–Relationships, Finances, Health, Emotions and Mental Wellness.

Get These Results:

  • People are having astronomical financial growth and we do no do any business coaching! It just happens when you clear the shadows

  • I cured my own adrenal fatigue using this modality in 3 months after working on it for 20 years using other modalities.

What People Are Saying

“Dori, you took the words right out of my mouth. I have also studied countless modalities and I have benefitted from many. But nothing in my experience has brought on such powerful results as quickly as Shadow Alchemy. Within 2 months I doubled my income for the year.

Your wonderful workshops have introduced me to these powerful game changing, life changing techniques.  I am grateful and can’t wait for the next one. If ANYONE is curious about working with Dori in Shadow Alchemy, without hesitation, I say do it!”

— Jan Nolte

“My thinking is much clearer and it’s a lot easier to not go down that rabbit hole of despair, hopelessness, etc. I honestly can see where those thoughts are coming from. I honestly feel like a different person. And some others look at me like they don’t know me anymore. This is the final piece to the puzzle I’ve been looking for.“ 

— Gary Hellyar

“I joined Dr. Dori Gatter’s course to get to the core of my issues. I’ve studied Law of Attraction for many years, but it never gave me a full understanding of the core of my issues. I had shadow around valuing myself. I was famous for “Prostituting” myself. After this course I landed a promotion, my anxiety is gone, I am losing weight and healthier than I have ever been!” 

— Sophia Lopez

About Dr. Dori & her Shadow Alchemy Connection

I have been a psychotherapist and coach for over 25 years.

During that time I’ve studied, learned, used, and benefited from a lot of approaches, covering a wide spectrum of body-mind-spirit energy work. None of them, NOT ONE SINGLE ONE, holds a candle to Shadow Alchemy’s power.