Helping You Build and Grow Your Private or Group Practice

When you were in graduate school, you were taught how to be an expert clinician. What you weren’t taught was how to be an expert businessperson. If no one taught you how to run a business, how in the world are you supposed to align that business with your true calling and purpose? Just being good at what you do as a clinician isn’t enough to grow the business side of your private practice. As a mental health professional in private practice—whether you’re a counselor, therapist or social worker—you need to totally get what it takes to build and sustain a successful, thriving business and how to put it into practice! I want to help you avoid re-inventing the wheel, show you the ropes, give you the right tools, and maybe even throw in a little bit of that elusive fairy dust that can make it all happen for you!

Temple of Success Practice-Building brings all of this to you, and more. Working with me, you will learn the all-important business skill set you didn’t get in graduate school. You will gain knowledge and understanding, as well as support around things that might sound overwhelming and vague at first—like branding, marketing, creating a professional presence and being recognized as an expert voice in your niche.

In addition, you will learn about the nuts and bolts of running the business side of your practice, from establishing a business entity and organizing your bookkeeping and taxes, to strategies for client conversion and retention, as well as the more subtle aspects of practice-building, like online marketing, personal branding, creating a professional presence and establishing sources of passive income.
Whether you’ve been struggling with moving to private practice from agency work, or wondering how you can be more successful in your current practice, Temple of Success Practice-Building offers you intelligent solutions, ongoing support and connection,  proven strategies and effective guidance for business success. Business expertise and knowledge of the market coupled with my years of experience in the field will support you, not only as an entrepreneur, but as a professional recognized as an expert voice who can consistently attract your ideal client!

In Temple of Success Practice-Building you will learn:

  • How to get clients to find you (important right?)
  • How to become an expert in your field, gaining support to align with your gifts
  • Reach your financial potential
  • Identify and move through your blocks to success
  • Build your practice from authenticity and creativity
  • Writing effective marketing copy and online content
  • Identifying your Niche
  • Establishing ‘Your Unique Brand’
  • Developing products to leverage passive income
  • Charging what you’re worth!
  • Factors key to effective website development
  • How to use your website as a marketing tool to get your message out into the world
  • How to use online and inbound marketing to establish your professional presence
  • Blogging as a marketing tool
  • Content creation to establish social proof
  • SEO
  • Google AdWords
  • Navigating social media
  • Creating lectures, workshops, tele-classes and webinars
  • …and much, much more!

Who is Dr. Dori Gatter?

Dr. Dori GatterIn addition to being a well-known therapist in West Hartford for 25 years, she has grown a successful group practice, is the owner and Director of the Human Relations Training Program and Temple of Success coaching and Training Program for therapists.

During this workshop Dori will share her knowledge of over 25 years in Private practice and coaching where you will have the opportunity to tap into her expertise and the nitty gritty details of how to successfully build your business while doing what you love and are passionate about!

If you have any questions or to sign up, feel free to contact Dori by following this link.

We offer private coaching, workshops and trainings

*As part of Temple of Success Practice-Building, you will have access to a closed Facebook group with others in the workshop for up-to-the-minute new information in our world of marketing a private practice, and ongoing support needed in order for you to build your personal Temple of Success!

What People Are Saying

Because of her commitment to do her own personal work Dori continues to do,she has helped me grow to my next level of awesomeness! With her compassion and support, she doesn’t let me collapse into old unconscious patterns and beliefs. because I know Dori has “been there” and has walked this path of personal growth and healing herself, I feel safe to breathe into deep discomfort in order to expand!

— Robin Rittinger, LPC

Dori has a very calm, caring and confident approach to coaching but is also down to earth and relatable. She has a way of sharing her wisdom and knowledge in a way that resonates and fuels motivation and excitement. She instills a feeling of possibility while providing concrete and logical steps to achieving what once seemed overwhelming, challenging or unattainable.

— Justyna Wawrzonek, LMSW, LADC

Dori sees what I would call challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. She has helped me reframe many situations from what seemed impossible to very possible. Dori exudes confidence and has helped me learn to value myself and my abilities. Having a coach who sees my greatest potential helps me to do my best.

— Karen Walsh, LPC

Working with Dori is a journey of discovery. She has given me many a-ha moments. She is a guide who is learning too. With a calm, reassuring manner, she gently offers both practical and profound insights into managing private practice. After offering a suggestion, she says, “does this make sense?” She is then ready to hear and appreciate feedback. I have learned logistical things such as how to speak with people about paying for their therapy without scaring them off, and therapeutic practices – such as how to transform couples’ communication patterns.

— Anne Reiner, MFT

I participated in Dori Gatter’s well designed Temple of Success program and found it really helpful. I learned about how to create a very effective website, the importance of SEO, blogging, honing in on my niche and how it’s a good way to market yourself to a target audience and much more. Dori puts a lot of time and effort into preparing for each session, showing up with relevant articles and resources, practical advice, and hands on individual support. She starts and closes each session with a mindful meditation and/or grounding exercise and creates an environment of love and safety in which people can explore their own personal needs for support. I continue to use the tools and ideas that I learned from Dori’s course as I build my practice in NYC. I highly recommend Dori and Temple of Success. It is worth the investment.

— Barbara Bennett, LMFT

Dr. Dori Gatter is a fabulous synthesis of knowledge, competency and authenticity! Her Temple of Success Business Coaching Program is beyond strategic know-how. You get Dori’s amazing business coaching along with her extensive background as a therapist and energy healer. This combination not only allows you to grow your business, but also allows you to grow yourself! As entrepreneurs, we are constantly challenged to move beyond what we thought was possible.  Dori will help you clear what gets in your way…….the real root cause! My business continues to grow and I now know when I am stuck, it is time to look within and clear the energy that is preventing me from moving forward! I highly recommend her program. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dori!!

— Tina Walsh

I’ve found the work I’ve done with Dori to be super helpful and loaded with information. It’s clear to me that working with her has created an energetic shift in both me and the way I approach my practice. My referrals are up and my referral partner base is growing steadily. I highly recommend Dori and what she has to offer.

— Ellie Vargas, LCSW

Susan Levine, LPCDr. Dori L. Gatter is a very gifted, creative and caring therapist and facilitator. Her Temple of Success Marketing Program provided me with invaluable resources and support as a counselor starting out in private practice. The most unique aspect of this group was the merging of solid marketing expertise especially geared to mental health practitioners and the exploration of emotional blocks to our success. Dori nurtured and encouraged participants to connect and support each other. I no longer felt isolated and alone in trying to build my practice. I not only learned how to market my practice more effectively, I became a better counselor, clearer in what I could bring to my clients. Dori was very generous in her sharing materials, herself and her love for what she does. It was a transformative experience for me. Dori created and facilitated this year long program with an infectious enthusiasm. Thank you Dori!

— Susan L. Levine, LPC

Dr. Dori Gatter has shared her expertise and experience with me and others in the field of counseling with a thoughtful and personal approach. Her clear ideas coupled with a vision for “the big picture” instill broader thinking in others and has no boundaries. She is generous with her knowledge and encourages others to recognize, emphasize and grow their strengths. At the same time, she introduces useful ways to bring compassion and opportunity to any novice areas that need attention. My biggest takeaway from working with Dr. Gatter is that I can recognize and give honor to my own desires for balance in my work life and gratefully expect those outcomes as I work toward them. I believe this comes from her ability to notice individual strengths in those she mentors and customize her input and strategies to meet the needs of each person.

While working under the guidance of Dr. Gatter, I learned useful ways to talk to clients about topics such as payment for missed appointments and self-pay. She also gave me great tips on how to handle the first contact with a client to build quick rapport. The insight and support I received from Dr. Gatter has helped me tremendously in achieving my goals.

— Karen Pattison, LMFT