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Deborah Krevalin

Deborah Krevalin, LPC, LMHC

Deborah Krevalin, LPC, LMHC

Identify Strengths. Maximize Leadership Abilities. Reach Your Highest Level of Performance.

I am a Business Relationship Coach, who is also a Relationship Expert and Licensed Therapist. I connect with clients at the deepest, most personal level, something general business coaches can’t offer. Launching and growing a company is overwhelming and having strong emotional and intellectual support can be the difference between falling short and successfully achieving your goals. 
I help partnerships, individual executives and professional practices capitalize on their strengths and step into their leadership roles with confidence. Communication is the most essential soft skill in business. To assemble a talented team and cultivate investors, partners and entrepreneurs must be proficient communicators and self-assured leaders. Companies have numerous moving parts and various teams that must work cohesively. It is paramount that leaders be confident and resilient so they can effectively manage their company. 
Communication is more than just talk, it’s all about connection. I can give you the tools you need to better understand what motivates and fuels your co-founder/partner, employees and investors. Good communication in the workplace mitigates conflict and increases employee engagement and loyalty. Every member of your team will feel that their emotional needs are being met, and conflicts will be resolved with more ease. I can help boost your confidence as the leader of your company, setting you up for success. 
Your company appears to be healthy and on the right track, but are you enjoying the ride? 
The beginning of a business partnership is similar to the honeymoon of a newly married couple. Founders are excited to begin their venture together. It’s what happens when the honeymoon is over that problems start to arise. I work with partnerships to manage; power struggles, trust, communication issues, fear of failure, performance anxiety, and decision-making. The partnerships that I work with are better equipped to weather unexpected company glitches and other entrepreneurial challenges. I understand the ferocity and competitiveness of the corporate world. I provide a safe, non-judgmental space, where you can unpack problems (professional and personal) that may be clouding your judgment, damaging your business relationships or coloring your mood.
Many times, business is not the main issue that partners and executives struggle to manage. Relationships, financial difficulties, medical problems, chaos at home and loss are just a few of life’s stressors that get in the way of productivity. I can give you strategies to build your emotional tolerance, enabling you to better manage any stress or anxiety that may be exhausting your valuable energy and creating self-doubt. I’ll help you develop the emotional stamina needed to make sound decisions, find calm in the face of uncertainty and confidence in your ability to be successful.  Ultimately, you will step into your power and embrace your authenticity. 

Step Into Your Power And Embrace Your Authenticity

As your coach, I will foster your innate strengths and talents and help you identify what’s holding you back from achieving your highest level of performance.

  • Effective communication skills

  • Partner/Co-founder relationship issues

  • Work climate that motivates and fuels employee performance

  • Role confusion

  • Manage team dynamics/’difficult’ personalities

  • Clarify company messaging and core values

  • Increase conflict resolution skills

  • Challenge negative thoughts and fear of failure

  • Support for personal issues (personal relationships, financial difficulties, medical problems and loss)

  • Increase your ability to enjoy the ride

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