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Elevating Your Life and Relationships

Business people in office using computer
Business people in office using computer

Welcome to a journey of transformation and growth. Our coaching services are designed to empower you to reach new heights of success in both your business and personal relationships.

In the world of business, we offer strategic guidance, leadership development, and tailored solutions to help you achieve your professional goals and drive your business forward.

When it comes to relationships, our coaching goes beyond surface-level advice, diving deep into communication, understanding, and connection. Whether you’re seeking to improve your relationships with your partner, family, or colleagues, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Our approach is not just about quick fixes but about long-lasting, meaningful change. Join us on this journey of empowerment and transformation, and let’s unlock your full potential together.

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Our Services

Couples Counseling and Coaching

Couples Intensives

Business Partner Relationship Coaching

Executive and Founder Coaching

Group Practice Coaching

Coaching Entrepreneurs & Career Development

Why Choose Dr. Dori Gatter & Associates

Embark on a journey of growth, connection, and fulfillment with Dr. Dori Gatter & Associates. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards transforming your relationships

Our Experts

dori gatter

Dori Gatter, PsyD, LPC

One of the greatest obstacles to success, whether in relationships or business, is fear. Fear often causes us to avoid making decisions—not just big decisions, but even small ones.

Deborah Krevalin, LPC, LMHC

I am a Business Relationship Coach, who is also a Relationship Expert and Licensed Therapist. I connect with clients at the deepest, most personal level. 

Samantha Bebrin, LPC

Business is all about relationships. Oftentimes we forget this also includes our relationship with ourselves. You deserve to nurture and support yourself just as much as you nurture your business and other relationships. 

Based on 11 reviews
Cathy Bruzon
Cathy Bruzon
Dr. Dori was a pleasure to work with. My partner and I went for some help and she let us talk it out and work through some exercises. I really enjoyed the experience but it's not sustainable for us. My only "but" in using Dr. Dori again is that I find her fees to be exorbitant - $565 for a 1-1.5 hour session. I just find that to be an obscene amount of money. Even if you divide that by two people it's way more than going for individual counseling.
Kelly Halligan
Kelly Halligan
I have been working with Dori for 3.5 years. The copious amounts of tools, knowledge, and growth I've acquired during our sessions is incredible. She continues to guide me through seeing what I'm truly capable of.... from working on self, through relationships, business, and more. I have evolved over the last 3+ years, and it's pretty neat to say that so doesn't our time together, where I continuously receive what I need.
Alaina King
Alaina King
I have used Dori as a coach in helping support establishing a direction for my private practice. She is exceptional at what she does, and helped get me pointed in the right direction fast! Highly recommend.
Michelle Jacoby
Michelle Jacoby
Dr. Gatter has a gentle way of easing one into a session, the individual can get the most from their experience.
Jill Marie Kleiber
Jill Marie Kleiber
Talented, compassionate and extremely smart. Highly skilled and professional.
Julie Saffir
Julie Saffir
Brilliant therapist! She is insightful, compassionate, nonjudgmental, creative and kind.
Jennifer Lowe
Jennifer Lowe
Dr. Dori Gatter is one of the smartest most compassionate poeple I've ever known or worked with. She has taught me more about myself and has helped me grow. I'm grateful to have Dori's guidance in my life.
David Hovey
David Hovey
Dr. Gatter is a very talented, highly skilled clinician with years of experience. I would highly recommend her!
Susan Levine
Susan Levine
Dr. Dori Gatter brings many talents to her counseling work. Her warmth encourages trust and connection in the counseling relationship. To her professional skills, she adds humor, understanding and creativity to help clients discover the best within themselves. She is fully invested in her work and her love for helping others always shines through.
Jennifer Jondreau Thompson
Jennifer Jondreau Thompson
Dori is a skilled therapist with many years experience. Her office in West Hartford is calming and you instantly feel at home when you sit down. I highly recommend seeing Dori if you are looking for an experienced counselor.

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Transforming Businesses and Relationships Through Coaching

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