Dr. Dori Gatter | Business Coach

One of the greatest obstacles to success, whether in relationships or business, is fear. Fear often causes us to avoid making decisions—not just big decisions, but even small ones—paralyzing us and keeping us from moving forward. Learning to recognize fear as a natural part of a more holistic perspective to development can get us unstuck and help us level-up both our business relationships, and our personal ones.

This, in fact, is one of the things that people in business—whether partners, founders or CEOs—often fail to recognize. Business is about relationships. More importantly, business that work well are about cooperative relationships. Clearly, there are personal and ethical boundaries that need to be honored in a business context but recognizing that everything is part of a larger whole—holistic and encompassing—allows us to move things into another space.

As a business coach my focus is not just the immediate conflicts or tensions existing in an organization, between partners or even for individual founders and CEOs. My approach gets underneath those presenting concerns to address the root causes of conflict and discontent. This could mean addressing not only the social context, but the mental, emotional, physical, energetic, or even spiritual misalignment(s) within the organization or for individuals within the organization.

Through our work, we may discover that the issues we are confronting are less immediate and more an expression of old wounds and interior conflicts. Very often, when two or more people come together to form an organization, those past traumas get inadvertently baked into fabric of the new organization, or people in the organization are falling back on old coping skills despite being a new context.

This can be just as true for Founders and entrepreneurs. We all have baggage we carry with us. It’s just a question of where and how we unpack it. How we do that can define our interior landscape and impact, not only the fabric of our lives, but our business. Getting the root of our actions and creating a shift into a healthier more holistic space, benefits everyone and everything.

I look forward to working with you to explore both your interior landscape and the fabric of the company you created, bringing you to a new level of effectiveness as a business leader and entrepreneur.

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